Executive Van Rentals
Los Angeles International Airport

We specialize in  Mini-Vans, 12 Passenger Vans, 15 Passenger Vans / Mini Buses , 9 seater  Expeditions , Cargo Vans and Conversion Vans. We also have Economy, Compact , PT Cruiser and Convertible sports cars to
rent / hire.

We may be a new rent a car company with brand new vehicles but we are the sister company to the oldest and most experienced auto rental company in the

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Westchester area of Los Angeles. We have over 30 years combined experience in the rental car business.

Optional GPS Navigation System.
Turn by Turn Voice Directions.

We are also the only rent a car company that will deliver vehicles to all areas of CALIFORNIA and selected locations in NEVADA and ARIZONA for rental. We will allow these vehicles to be dropped at various locations. Please see the locations part of this web site for further details.

We also have corporate billing for business, church groups and  social clubs. Please contact KEVIN AXNER for information as to this.
Your transportation needs are our specialty

Our specialty is one way rentals where you can leave the van or car in another location or we can meet you at a desired location and rent you the van or automobile there.

After you have tried the rest. Try the best. Executive Van Rentals.
We will allow you to pick up at another airport location in California, Nevada and Arizona and also drop off at any airport location. We will also customize the removal of seats to meet your needs.

Our Office Address: 9144 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles CA.  90045
Telephone  Numbers:  1.310.338.9SUV (9788) - 1.310.410.VANS (8267) - 1.866.311.VANS (8267)

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